Guys, where do I go in NYC to have a VHS converted to a DVD? As a reward, you are permitted to watch me dance in my church talent show in 1997. I am almost completely androgynous, except for all the glitter make-up.

Edit: Thank you so much for the suggestions, everyone! Now Seth, do I rub the VHS on my genitals, or will rubbing it just anywhere work? You know what…better safe than sorry.

Edit to my edit: Oh, rub the VHS ON THE DVD. Lol, I guess this is one of those “read what you want to read” moments.

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  2. kirklarsen said: I ALREADY GAVE YOU AN IDEA
  3. olivershmoliver said: Just rub the VHS against the DVD really fast in clockwise circles. DO NOT rub them together counterclockwise, or your resulting DVD will be in reverse.
  4. louiswinthorpethe3rd said: Rainbow Video @ 505 Eighth Ave. 25th Floor NYC, New York 10018 Phone: (212) 594-0545
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