The Period Piece with Halle Kiefer

This week, Halle Kiefer yearns for the day when everyone wore a shirt around their waist. A blowout on the L train sends Halle down the crimson gutters of memory lane where she must face the unapproving, capricious whims of Mavis Beacon, the body shame of an adolescent mob, and finally Mr. Dunkle, the human couch, and his gruesome object lesson. Speak friend, and you shall enter.

Halle told her story at Nights of Our Lives, the unmissable storytelling show at the UCB Theater in Chelsea. You can see Halle hosting a new monthly stand-up show called The Dog and Pony Show at UCB East starting October 16th. It’s sponsored by and Tumblr. So, you know, it’s gonna be pretty great. Go get those tickets.

Halle Kiefer is a storyteller and stand-up, a blogger for, freelancer for sites like, and a woman who would like to talk to you about the end of The Master.  What was up with the sand lady?

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I’m so psyched to get a story on A Funny Thing! And yes, just so we’re clear, it’s about getting my period through my pants in sixth grade. YOU KNOW HOW I DO.

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