Man, scientists are really just winging it at this point, aren’t they? Based on the actual study, better titles for this article include:

  • Why Drinking Out Of A Cup With A Bug In It Doesn’t Gross You Out When You’re Aroused
  • Why Wiping Your Hands With A Used Tissue Doesn’t Gross You Out When You’re Aroused
  • Why Eating A Cookie That Hast Been Sitting Next To A Live Worm Doesn’t Gross You Out When You’re Aroused
  • Why Putting Your Finger In A Tray Of Used Condoms Doesn’t Gross You Out When You’re Aroused (okay, I’ll give you this one)
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    Seriously? Science thinks the majority of women think sex is icky, and that those thoughts are natural? Um…
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    I mean, sure, if I’m thinking about, like, sperm. Little living, wiggling sperm just spermin’ it up all over the place…...
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    Well this completely makes sense. I mean it’s kind of obvious that you would be less grossed out by sex when you are...
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    I can’t have good sex with anyone who can’t laugh during it, because above all things sex is absolutely ridiculous. But...
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