Way more ideas than one!


Ten Ideas

with Ryan Williams and Taylor Moore

Episode 9: Corpus Kahlua


cookie cookies

could’ve been 9/11

Irish mystic

beard crumbs

factory sweepings

the hot dog of cookies

Colin Meloy and REAL sorghum

Ray of Lite Roast Beef

horsey sauce

a beautiful painting

Big Montana

Venus Melting Through Her Jacket


twice baked potatoes

I meant tube


is this Brandi?

Cigar Store Japanese

Germans love American Indians

The One With All the Arms


gilded age musical revue

Reet Petite

“Van” Morrison


“Get out of here Rick!”

blood on the parka

give-a-caney, take-a-caney


firecrackers: the little black dress of explosives

wagon accident 


Fun Uncle

you’re a handsome man, Amanda

a baker’s gross

Ryan hates his friends


for a good time, drink poison

shots girls 

Dr. Lady

Kahlua Callosum

a huge bunch of dicks

manners of the landed gentry

Ryan googles the latest steampunk

some of the motiffs

All we had was ditches

The Ditch Engine

how do ya cosplay that?

a skirt but not a skirt


two horrible things that could happen

Day of the Triffids

the fastest growing flower

green squeals peal through the dewey night 

the Kreb Cycle

slapped to sleep

you never see the forklift



ordering a new grandma

Dark Car 

Top of the Stack!

plane theory

too top down for you

you hear what you hear 

NO ONE buys pigeons


Ms. E. Elliot

garbage bag

never stopping 

chinos and swing music everywhere

espionage heavy 

a proxy reenactment somewhere in Asia


Checkpoint Charlie 

With music from the Foo Fighters

victory cabbage

legitimate familial animus

everybody goes to Denny’s

guys, you need to immediately subscribe to 10 Things. I laughed like a donkey on the subway listening to these two delights.

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