Another Amelia Earhart Mystery?

On August 24, 1945 a telegram was sent via U.S. Naval Radio that relayed personal messages from civilian internees liberated from Weihsien Internment Camp located in present-day Weifang, Shangdong, China. 

These very brief messages usually gave a few words of reassurance “…family all well…,” “Advise Mother all concentration camp liberated…,” “Health perfect spirits high,” and then signed by the internee.

However, one is very unusual.  Found on page 10 it was written to G. P. Putnam, Amelia Earhart’s widower – it reads:  G P PUTNAM 10042 VALLEY SPRING LANE NORTH HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA CAMP LIBERATED ALL WELL VOLUMES TO TELL LOVE TO MOTHER

Unsigned and rather mysterious – the message to Putnam was sent anonymously and it has never been determined who actually sent it.  According to conspiracy theorists, “Love to Mother” was a phrase Amelia Earhart used to say. The fact of its anonymity is what makes the telegram so interesting, and (along with never finding Earhart’s plane or remains) has led to a few theorists saying that this was proof that Earhart survived on an island in the Pacific for years during the war and ended up in a Japanese camp, and after it was liberated, decided to live out the rest of her life in quiet anonymity instead of coming back the States as a rescued celebrity.

Here at Today’s Document, we’re not coming to any conclusions about Earhart, but we thought you might enjoy a little mystery for your Friday.

Left: Page 1 of the 12 page document

Right: Page 10 with text of Telegram to G. P. Putnam

This is just like when everyone was acting as if Paris Hilton invented the phrase “That’s hot,” when clearly EVERYONE HAD BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS. Love to Mother, you guys? You guys.

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