At the end of the session, a reporter brought up the changes to “Smash,” which fired its creator, Theresa Rebeck, and hired “Gossip Girl” producer Josh Safran as the new showrunner, and also dumped several actors. When the reporter noted that many people would also like to see Julia’s irritating son Leo disappear, Greenblatt asked, “Do we hate the son?” The crowd in unison shouted, “YES,” and Greenblatt quipped, “Then you’ll never see him again.” He said Safran’s top priority was to focus on “the arcing of the storylines, and the consistency of going in one direction with a character, and continuing in an interesting direction with that arc.”

Press Tour 2012: NBC wants broader comedies than ‘Community’

I’ve never seen Smash and I imagine the character truly is awful, but can you imagine being that poor actor and reading this?

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I mean…based on his performance, I would be really surprised if he could read.

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