Funny Names

Another short behind-the-scenes video on how we at LHR create industry-leading funny names.

Don’t forget! Left Handed Radio Live is a different night and time in June. Come see us live Monday at 11:00pm at the UCB East with great guests like George Kareman, Laura Willcox, Ryan Williams, and Summer and Eve.

Get more info and make reservations here!

God do I love these mutants

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    Wish I could make it but all the moving and dying and coughing and acting in shows stuffs. My favorite thing about these...
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    Your life literally depends on it.
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    i love looking at a dead pile of old trash-ghosts. GO SEE THIS SHOW YOU IDIOTS! I will not be able to be there due to...
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    Who ever played Ghost #3 in this video is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.
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    Ghost so scary
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    This might be my favorite webseries.
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    "11pm is the best time for sketch, but only in June. 7:30pm is the best time for sketch all other months." ~ Doctors
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