These are all excellent, and let me just add: you have never truly lived until your internet date turns around to greet you for the first time, only to have his face fall with unmistakable disappointment when he lays eyes on you. Just total, profound disappointment that his facial muscles are powerless to conceal. Made me the woman I am today!

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    this thing actually makes me feel way better about the decision to stop dating
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    Some of these are making me side-eye (oh my goodness, a dating pregnant woman, how very absurd! Go hide in your house...
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  6. nogreatillusion said: girllll, I am 96% sure I experienced that exact reaction.
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    awesome. i have one pretty wretched online dating experience so this made me feel a little bit better.
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    I wish I had gotten to contribute to this list. Here’s a favorite (and somewhat epic) old blog entry from 2k10: Of all...
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    Truthbombs: I read this in fear that I would come across a description of myself.
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