Tonight it was just me and the baby and I kept looking at him and getting really sad. He’s becoming more of a person and I know to say I feel a little bad about that is so morose it’s funny, but I do. He is starting to get preferences and to want things, more and more, beyond…


Co-opting the language and posture of grievance is how members of a privileged class express their belief that the way they live shouldn’t have to change, that their opponents are hypocrites and perhaps even the real oppressors. This is how you get St. Louisans sincerely explaining that Ferguson protesters are the real racists, and how you end up with an organized group of precisely the same video game enthusiasts to whom an entire industry is catering honestly believing that they’re an oppressed minority. From this kind of ideological fortification, you can stage absolutely whatever campaigns you deem necessary.


All Jane No Dick starts tomorrow! Please spread this like wildfire. Because of the ridiculous MRA protest people are focusing on that and think that men are not welcome in the audience. 

Even if you aren’t anywhere near Portland, please share this video and help us turn the conversation around. 

All Jane No Dick is comedy festival that features some of the best female comics in the US. ALL are welcome to attend.