Halle Kiefer is me and I am writing this right now. I’m a writer, storyteller, blogger and a TELLER OF HIDEOUS UNSPEAKABLE SEXY TRUTHS. And yes, you’re right. One is significantly bigger than the other.

"A very funny, very busy up-and-comer.” -The Apiary

"The surprise hit of the night was Halle Kiefer.  If you don’t believe me, take Choire Sicha’s word, or, well, post, for it: “She told a story that made me laugh till I cried. GONNA STALK HER.” My sentiments exactly.” - The New Yorker

"Not afraid of fart jokes, great video selection and high ratio of posts about Jersey Shore." #16 of 100 Funniest Tumblrs…Ever

I’m also one of Brooklyn Mag’s 50 Funniest People In Brooklyn of 2013, and no, no other photos of me exist in the world.